7 Roulette Online Real Money Tips & Tricks

“Tip #1: Whenever you can find it, play French Roulette. The house advantage is the lowest out of all the roulette types, while the payouts are just as sweet as they are in both European and American Roulettes.
Tip #2: Online roulette is completely random – at a table, you may be able to use physics to accurately predict where the ball will land in the wheel, but online roulette real money is run by random number generators. Physics won’t help you, unfortunately.
Tip #3: Place a combination of bets on EITHER black and the third column OR red and the second column. With these combinations, you’ll cover most of the wheel and will up your chances of winning – remember to bet twice the amount on the column as you do on the color.
Tip #4: Don’t let the time run away from you. Always keep a close watch on the amount of time you’re spending at the table and how much your bankroll is changing.
Tip #5: Avoid betting on a single number if you want to hold onto your money longer. The odds of hitting one number aren’t low enough to justify the high payout in the long run.
Tip #6: Opt for a split bet instead between more than one number.
Tip #7: Practice for free on Planet 7 before betting for roulette online real money– you’ll gain confidence and know-how without any of the risk!”