Bonus Rounds Slot Machines

“Real money Online slots that offer bonus rounds are the games that most gamblers want to play. These slots games feature rewards for players in their bonus rounds like free spins, prize multipliers, and huge payouts. Combinations of different wild symbols for each real money slots game usually trigger the bonus rounds, and the most common prize in the bonus rounds is free spins. At Planet 7, Panda Magic and Orc vs. Elf are both real money slots games that feature incredible bonus rounds – plus, they’re both 3-D!”

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

“Progressive jackpot games give players the chance to win a huge prize just for playing their favorite online slots for real money. Progressive jackpots increase every time certain games are played and the big prize isn’t won. At many online casinos real money like Planet 7, multiple slots games are linked together to contribute to a giant progressive jackpot. This causes the jackpot to grow quicker, giving lucky players the chance to win even bigger prizes. Megasaur and Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold are both multireel real money slots games at Planet 7 that contribute to a huge progressive jackpot!”

Multiple Paylines Slot Machines

“Online slots real money with multiple paylines are the most popular option for online gamblers because they give them more chances to win than their 3-reel classic ancestors. Many multiple payline real money slots games feature 25+ paylines, so the payouts come more often and in many different ways! The majority of Planet 7’s multiple payline online slot machines are 5-reel, but we also have Super 6 and The Big Bopper, which feature 6 reels and seemingly endless ways to win!”

3-reel Classic Slot Machines

“Based on the original slot machines that were around long before digital screens, 3-reel classic slots games feature a simple design with often a single payline. Because they only have one payline, these games pay players more when they get lucky! Plus, the betting options are more limited than multiple payline games, so 3-reel online slots for real money are good for players sticking to a tight budget. Planet 7 offers 3-reel classic real money slots like Double Ya Luck and Santastic! for players who want to win big the classic way!”

Match Play Blackjack

“Also known as Spanish 21, Match Play 21 is another version of real money online blackjack that’s popular with players from around the world. This game is played with a 48-card deck, one in which all the tens have been removed. The biggest difference in Match Play 21 is the payout system – you get special bonuses simply for having certain combinations of cards, like a hand of different suits of six, seven, and eight value cards. Be sure to read up on all the rules and practice on the instant play feature before you play online blackjack for real money!”

Face Up 21 Blackjack

“Another popular online blackjack game for real money, Face Up 21 is pretty self-explanatory. Both the players and the dealer are dealt two cards facing up, which evens out the playing field on both sides. With everything visible on the table from the beginning, players can make a more informed decision on what they want to do with the cards they’re dealt. Otherwise, this version is much like the classic American Blackjack – try your best to get to 21 without busting and beat the dealer at his own game!”

European Blackjack

“While we consider American Blackjack the classic, the game actually originated in Europe. There are a few key differences between American and European versions of the game that are important to know before playing. For example, the dealer doesn’t have a “hole card” – a second card that is face down – on the first deal of the game. In European Blackjack, a standard two decks is used, versus the six to eight decks used in American Blackjack. Make sure you research the differences before you pick your favorikte.”

Classic Blackjack

“Where the worldwide phenomenon started – classic blackjack will forever remain in the casino games hall of fame. Getting to 21 is the name of the game, and it’s the players against the dealer to get there. Planet 7 Casino offers players the opportunity to play online blackjack for real money on either the PC app or the Mac site or for free in the instant play section. Check out the most widely played casino game in the world right from the comfort of your home!”

Double Double Bonus Poker

“If you’re the kind of player who’s looking for a challenge then look no further. Double Double Bonus Poker is a spin-off of the video poker game Jacks or Better. The benefit of the Double Double Bonus Poker is right in the name, and this online video poker real money game gives you bonus payouts for different variations of four of a kind. A quick peek at the paytable may send you out to space, because the payouts are out of this world. Land on Planet 7 Casino, and start winning big with Double Double Bonus Poker!”

Bonus Poker

“A spin-off of Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker is a classic online video poker real money variation with a twist – you get a bonus payout for certain hands. With this game, the player is pining for the oh-so-lucky four of a kind. Why is this hand so sought after? Well, in Bonus Poker, four of a kind will get you a higher payout. With Bonus Poker, there’s no telling all the riches you could win. With easy rules, a visible paytable, and some major payouts, there’s no reason you shouldn’t log on to Planet 7 today and start playing!”

Deuces Wild Video Poker

“Deuces Wild has a little bit of everything, with some rules of poker paired with feature symbols that you will often find in video slot games! The name of the game, Deuces Wild, is pretty self-explanatory. All twos in the game act as a wild card, and can substitute for any other card. This means that with any cards a player is dealt, they have exponentially higher chances of putting together a high-ranking hand. If you know that you’re the kind of player who needs a little extra luck, then play a round (or two) of this game. You can bet your bottom dollar that you can’t lose with Deuces Wild!”

Multiplayer Roulette

“Planet 7 Casino features an exciting online roulette real money style known as Multiplayer Roulette. In this game, players choose an avatar to represent them while they play. Forget about the lonely online roulette table you’re used to – in this game, you’re surrounded by other players from all over the world, just like you would be in the Vegas casino! After picking an avatar, you can sit down at the table and play some American Roulette with others, all from the comfort of your home.”

Jacks or Better Video Poker

“The most common variation of real money video poker online, Jacks or Better, is also known as Draw Poker. This game is a great starting point for someone looking to make the switch from in-person or online regular poker. The rules and hand rankings are almost identical to what you may already know. The only real difference with this game is that the payoffs start with a lucky pair of jacks, hence the name of the game. If you’re looking for some classic poker fun then this is a great video poker game for you! After a couple practice rounds, there’s no doubt that you’ll start raking in the chips!”

American Roulette

“The USA’s version of roulette online real money features an additional space on the wheel that its cousins across the pond don’t have. Instead of just one green, single zero space, American Roulette features both the single zero and the double zero spaces. Because of this addition, there are two zero spaces on the American Roulette layout as well. Otherwise, American Roulette operates pretty much the same way that European Roulette does – the bets and payouts are the same, and the game is just as exciting!”

French Roulette

“French Roulette is almost identical to European Roulette – the layout and the wheel is the same, along with the available bets to place. However, the payouts aren’t the same, as French Roulette has a better rule when it comes to that single zero space. In European Roulette, when the ball lands on the green single zero space players lose their bets if they didn’t place them on the single zero. However, in French Roulette, the players receive half their bets back in the same situation. Très bien, no?”